PolaNight Teeth Whitening

before-after-whiteningIf you are looking for a teeth whitening service in Sidcup then make sure you come to us here at Sidcup Dental Spa for only the best in tooth whitening technology and materials.

We offer a teeth whitening service to help provide you with a more whiter looking set of teeth and smile. Teeth whitening is very common procedure in cosmetic dentistry and can help boost your confidence if you feel your teeth are discoloured and are causing you embarrassment.

The process of tooth whitening involves bleaching the teeth to make them lighter, although teeth whitening can’t promise to make your teeth a perfect shade of white it will help to lighten the existing colour by a few shades.

When you come for a home teeth whitening procedure, the dentist will firstly take an impression of your teeth to make personalised trays. This process is important as having correct fitting trays means that the tooth whitening solution will only go onto the teeth you want bleached and not be wasted plus you can do this in your own time.

Once you have had the teeth whitening procedure done at the surgery, you may want to top it up at home. Therefore we can also offer you refill whitening syringes so that you can top up when you feel you need to.

It’s best to avoid tea, coffee, red wine and spicey foods during the bleaching process as this can affect the desired results.

0% Interest Free Finance

Sidcup Dental spa offers 0% interest free finance, up to £2000, over 12 months. A typical monthly repayment for a finance loan of £2,000.00 would be £166.67 per month.

Total price: £2,000.00
Deposit: £0.00
Amount of credit: £2,000.00
Monthly repayment: £166.67
Number of repayments: 12 (over 12 months)
Balance repayable: £2,000.00
Total amount payable: £2,000.00
APR 0.00%

Minimum loan would be £1,000.00 and all finance will be subject to credit reference agency searches. We can offer longer repayment plans i.e. 24, 36 and 60 months at a competitive interest rate.

Please contact us for more details.