Porcelain Crowns, Bridges and Veneers


Porcelain Crowns

Unsightly, cracked or discoloured teeth can be improved and in some cases, straightened.

These are either bonded to metal for added strength, porcelain for your front teeth or Inceram which is highly durable and stronger porcelain. These are colour matched to your existing teeth unless you ask us otherwise.

1 – 2 mm of tooth is shaved away, then an impression taken. 2 weeks later, your crown is ready to fit.

0% Interest Free Finance

Sidcup Dental spa offers 0% interest free finance, up to £2000, over 12 months. A typical monthly repayment for a finance loan of £2,000.00 would be £166.67 per month.

Total price: £2,000.00
Deposit: £0.00
Amount of credit: £2,000.00
Monthly repayment: £166.67
Number of repayments: 12 (over 12 months)
Balance repayable: £2,000.00
Total amount payable: £2,000.00
APR 0.00%

Minimum loan would be £1,000.00 and all finance will be subject to credit reference agency searches. We can offer longer repayment plans i.e. 24, 36 and 60 months at a competitive interest rate.

Please contact us for more details.


Metal Crowns

If you prefer to have a gold coloured crown instead of porcelain – due to a heavy or deep bite we can do that. 2 – 3 mm is shaved away to allow for more material to be used.


Where there are 1 – 2 teeth missing we can bridge the gap, rather than wearing a denture. This involves preparing the teeth either side of the gap to hold it in place.


Here at Sidcup Dental Spa we can provide our patients with the best quality veneers. A veneer is a thin layer of material, usually porcelain, which is placed over the tooth or teeth, rather like a false nail. Veneers can be used to improve the look of a tooth, or it can also be used to protect the surface of the tooth after it has been damaged by acidic drinks, trauma, prematurely aged teeth or discolouration.

There are two type of veneers: composite and porcelain.

Composite veneers can be applied in just one day and will last from anywhere between 4-8 years but could require maintenance. They are a cheaper option to porcelain veneers. The use of composite veneers is ideal for small chips as this type of veneer will preserve more of your natural tooth structure.

Porcelain veneers on the other hand are more durable and can last anything between 12-25 years. these give you a very natural looking set of teeth. Veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth to give you a brand new and beautiful looking smile.