sidcup-dentist-denturesThere are many types of denture available, from a complete set to partial dentures. Depending on your choice, these can be made of acrylic or acrylic and chrome colbalt for extra strength and durability. They are matched to your original teeth in shape, colour and size and look very natural.

As we age, facial contours change. Our lips become less plump and the cheeks can appear sunken. Dentures can’t restore the changes completely, but they can improve how we look and aid eating, talking and over erupting teeth – where we can look ‘long in the tooth’

Talk to us about your needs and we can advise you accordingly and sympathetically.

0% Interest Free Finance

Sidcup Dental spa offers 0% interest free finance, up to £2000, over 12 months. A typical monthly repayment for a finance loan of £2,000.00 would be £166.67 per month.

Total price: £2,000.00
Deposit: £0.00
Amount of credit: £2,000.00
Monthly repayment: £166.67
Number of repayments: 12 (over 12 months)
Balance repayable: £2,000.00
Total amount payable: £2,000.00
APR 0.00%

Minimum loan would be £1,000.00 and all finance will be subject to credit reference agency searches. We can offer longer repayment plans i.e. 24, 36 and 60 months at a competitive interest rate.

Please contact us for more details.