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Nervous Patients

We have all been in the position before where we are taking a trip to the dentist, and days, maybe even weeks before, we start to feel nervous. Well, these feelings can stem from bad childhood experiences that we never grow out of or stories from friends or family.

Having a fear of the dentist means that you probably avoid going until it is absolutely necessary which is usually with a severe toothache or maybe even a broken tooth, which will then increase your feelings of anxiety and embarrassment.

We have moved forward into an era where a patients experience is essential and dentistry has truly evolved with the times, so we can make every patient feel comfortable and nerve free. Our very friendly team all have the qualifications and experience you could ask for from the dentist who is going to help treat your mouth, your gums and more specifically your teeth.

But please don’t worry – you are not alone and we want to help you to overcome your fears by making sure that we give you:
• Time to explain your problems
• The time you need for treatment to be carried out at your own pace
• The time that you need to regain confidence

How Can We Help

We try very hard to make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed and we really do sympathise.

If you are nervous we will:
• Meet you for a chat, don’t worry, you don’t have to sit in the dental chair
• Learn exactly what your worries are
• Put ourselves in your hands. You are in control at all times, if at any point during the conversation you feel the need to leave then you can, don’t worry, we won’t be offended

We won’t start treatment until your ready to and even when the treatment starts we make sure that you are in control at all times. If at any point during the procedure you want us to stop just let us know. If we are in the middle of your treatment and you put your hand up we will stop IMMEDIATELY.

If you feel claustrophobic we will stop and you can sit or stand up. If at any point you just want us to stop for no particular reason – that is OK as well.

We do try to make sure that there is never any pain whatsoever when we drill by numbing the tooth first. However, if you do feel anything do not put up with it as we want to know. In other words we want you to let us know as soon as possible if you feel even the slightest twinge as this often means we need to give you more anaesthetic before going any further.


If you have not visited the dentist for a long time don’t feel embarrassed, it is quite usual in nervous patients. We will not be shocked and we have helped many people who haven’t been to the dentist for years. We have no intention of making you feel guilty or bad that you haven’t been to the dentist and we will certainly not be disapproving or cross. If you have had a bad experience and have been afraid, it stands to reason that you may not have visited the dentist for some time. We understand this and we will not judge you. We will endeavour to provide you with stress free treatment tailored to your needs.


We use techniques when giving injections to make them as gentle as possible. In fact, most patients do not feel anything at all. Before an injection we use a surface anaesthetic gel. This numbs the area first. That enables pain free injections, it’s not magic but you won’t believe how effective and painless it is.


This is a very common fear – the sound of the drill. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it, but you are more than welcome to bring your Ipod or MP3 to listen too while you’re with us.

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